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stephen king it read online 

there are novels that all true constant reader should be familiar  welcome to  and today we are counting down our picks for the  top ten Stephen kings novels before we begin we publish new content every  day so be sure to  visit my website [] this list we are looking at the best novels from the master fo horror Stephen king will only be including full-length novels so short story collections and novellas like the mist and the body won't be included despite how awesome they are number 7


1. pet sematary (1983) 

pet cemetery while pet sematary may not be the king's greatest piece of work it is arguably his darkest and scariest the story follows the Creed family and the titular pet Sematary a mysterious location that  can seemingly bring the dead back to life once a staged occur in the family Lois creed invokes the powers of the cemetery to horrible and tragic results its's a terrific piece of dark and terrifying literature so much so that king initially did not want it published on the grounds of it being too bleak however for those who like their stories hopeless and scary pet cemetery is a must read it's thanksgiving day for cats 

                             pet sematary

2.the dead zone (1979)

the dead zone many constant readers would argue that 1970 s kings were peak king and the dead zone is no exception the book follows a man named Johnny Smith who gains precognition after an accident and working from a subsequent coma while he was made into a great movies starring Christopher Walken the book as is often the way is better you have been our guest here for a while past while the novel isn't as popular as some of his others it's still a thrill a minute can't put it down that is eerily relevant in today is  politics climates for the dead zone kings largely forgoes horror and replaces it with suspense and thrills but the results are just as intoxicating 

3. the green mile  (1996) 

the green mile the green mile is unlike anything Stephen kings wrote the serial novels was initially released in six short paperbacks on a monthly basis between March and August 1996 before being published as one whole novel and this undoubtedly helped build the suspense and tension in what is already and extremely tense and mysterious story the green mile is exciting touching and sad and it features one of the kins' greatest creations john Coffey the seemingly dangerous but innocent inmate who has magical abilities it's one of the kings most dramatic and literary work and quickly one of the best 

                                     the green mile
4 (2011) 

 prove that king have stills got it after all this year the book is absolutely gargantuan but the story is so well told and intriguing that you never notice how long it truly in nonce okay I trust you comment make sure it's all there the basic story follows a man named Jake Epping who travels back in time to try and stop the Kennedy assassination and while the storyline is absorbing and exciting the novel also travels down may branching paths that are all equally captivating the numerous narratives throughout remain tight and engaging and the pace rarely falters despite its immense length this is not only kings best recent effort but also one of his best period how do you know anything's gonna happen the doors I'm from the future in the future r

5. Misery 1987) 

misery while the novel is fantastic many people know the story from the movies starring Kathy bates which is certainly not a bad thing her portrayal of Annie Wilkes is simply superb as she successfully and realistically brought one of the kings most terrifying characters to vivid life you 'll never realize what a rare treat you've given me the novel forgoes any sense of the supernatural or mystical and focuses solely on a nail-biting game of cat and mouse between a resourceful writer and his psychotic fan no one will even know it exists as long it  does exit your mind won't ever be free the novel's realism it's in numerous disgusting passages and the disturbing character of Annie combined to make one of the kings most unsettling pieces of fiction oh god music

                                   stephen king it read online

6....salem's lot 1975

salem's lot of vampire stories have been around for centuries but few can reveal the sheer power of kings second published novel the story follows writer ben mears as he returns to his hometown of Jerusalem's lot Maine also known as Salem's lot only to become embroiled in a dark mystery that looks behind the idyllic white picket fences I think that building you mentioned might be a metaphor for something bigger in your life does it always have to be something bigger revealing a world of suspicion murder and vampires it all culminates in a showdown of good versus evil sales' lot is undoubtedly one of kings greatest accomplishments it was nominated for the Locus award for all time best fantasy novels and kings himself calls it his favorite story characters intimate setting quickly escalating plot and chilling imagery I'll ensure this novels legacy as a classic piece of horror literature sorry i dragged you into this you dumped 

7... it --(1986) 

there are a handful of King novels that could be considered his greatest and it is one of them is this both two things horrific story about a mysterious alien entity who terrifies and eats children and a touching nostalgic coming of age story reminiscent os Steven Spielberg's bodywork aren't you gonna say hello this combination of genres ensures that it is always interesting despite its daunting length and the novel scariest scenes are some of the most unsettling passages in kings entire bibliography beautiful it has always been a beloved story that has socked millions and it's an undisputed horror classic

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